Kitaguni Horse Oil

Kitaguni Horse Oil

Delivering the beauty and resilience
Of the northern provinces
To your skin

Kitaguni Horse Oil

Apply to the face gently massage. Then wash with warm water.

The horse oil acts as a booster to allow the lotion to penetrate deeper into the skin.

Put on the skin lotion after using the oil.

Pure Kitaguni Horse Oil
Pure Kitaguni Horse Oil

This natural horse oil has been distilled to a high level of purity using our original production processes, making it gentle enough to use on babies' skin.

It is as white and soft-textured as snow and the characteristic scent and greasiness of horse oil is completely absent. It melts away smoothly into the skin leaving it deeply moisturized.

Mint Kitaguni Horse Oil
Mint Kitaguni Horse Oil

High-purity Kitaguni Horse Oil with added mint oil. The bracing scent is highly refreshing.

Rubbing it into your skin before heading outside on summer days will help protect your skin from the drying effects of UV rays, and the menthol in the mint oil also acts as a natural insect repellent.

Lavender Kitaguni Horse Oil
Lavender Kitaguni Horse Oil

High-purity Kitaguni horse oil with added lavender oil. The relaxing effect of the scent of lavender helps alleviate anxiety and tension.

This is the perfect skincare product to use when relaxing before bedtime. Deeply de-stressing for both the skin and the mind.

Kitaguni Horse Oil Soap
Kitaguni Horse Oil Soap

This simple unscented soap includes Kitaguni Horse Oil, which also boasts excellent moisturizing, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.

The soap deeply cleanses the skin while preserving its moisture, leaving your skin moist and smooth.

Kitaguni Skincare Water
Kitaguni Skincare Water

Skin lotion that takes advantage of the moisturizing power of Kitaguni Horse Oil. It feels smooth and light on the skin while delivering deep and far-reaching hydration.

Using Kitaguni Skincare Water together with Kitaguni Horse Oil in your skincare regimen will help boost the effects of both.

Hokkaido Pure Horse Oil is 100% horse oil produced in Hokkaido, expressing whiteness resembling the snow in the northern country with unique refined technology. It does not have the odor unique to horse oil so users will have a pleasant experience. It gets swiftly absorbed by the skin, so you will feel comfort when applied without any stickiness.

♦ As a horse oil cleanser
Just warm it in your hands, then spread it onto your face and wipe it off

♦ As a horse oil milk
After massaging into the skin, just apply the toner

♦ As a horse oil mask
Just apply onto your face while soaking in the bathtub and leave it on for 15 minutes (rinse it off after that)

♦ After shaving for men

♦ To care for the hands